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Castelli Fondo Long Sleeve Jersey

The Fondo Long Sleeve Jersey is designed to keep you warm and sweat free. Nothing more, nothing less - exactly what a thermal jersey needs to do. Castelli's Warmer fabric is excellent for cool days thanks to the high-loft fleece inside trapping warmth and the exceptional wicking so you don't get the chills. This jersey works well on its own when conditions are cool or you run hot, or you can pair it up with a Perfetto Vest to go to colder conditions while keeping your core warm. The attention to detail, as you'd expect from Castelli, is excellent. For example, the collar features Castelli's 'Zen' neck flap to prevent the easy-sliding YKK® zipper from rubbing on your neck. We wouldn't be without a good quality thermal jersey as it can cover so many different conditions with a simple change of layers. The Fondo jersey really should be the cornerstone of your multi-season kit bag. 


  • XL Black/Red
  • M Light Black/Yellow F
  • M Black/Red
  • 2XL Black/Red
  • L Black/Red
  • S Black/Red
  • 3XL Black/Red
  • 3XL Fiery Red/Rescue Blu
  • M Fiery Red/Rescue Blu
  • L Fiery Red/Rescue Blu
  • XXL Fiery Red/Rescue Blu
  • S Dark Gray/Orange
  • M Savile Blue/Red
  • XS Dark Gray/Orange
  • XL Savile Blue/Red
  • S Fiery Red/Rescue Blu
  • XL Fiery Red/Rescue Blu
  • L Savile Blue/Red
  • XS Black/Red
  • XXL Savile Blue/Red
  • XS Fiery Red/Rescue Blu
  • S Savile Blue/Red
  • 3XL Savile Blue/Red
  • XS Savile Blue/Red

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