SPACETALK SP-1009G Kid's Smartwatch

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price updated: 18/11/2021

Protect and stay in touch with your children with the SPACETALK Kids Smartwatch. It's an ideal first phone alternative for kids aged 5 to 12.With the GPS, you or any other family member can see where your child is at the touch of a button. Simply install the Spacetalk App on your smartphone and check your child's location. Or set up custom safe zones and get alerts when your child arrives and departs these zones.From a predefined list of safe contacts on the app, your child can make and receive calls and texts for easy and safe communication.You can silence the SPACETALK Kids Smartwatch while your child is in the classroom, and there's no open access to the internet or social media, so your child is protected from cyber bullying and other online threats.Fashionable and fun, the watch allows your children to set goals, stay healthy and be rewarded. If there's a danger, they can use the SOS alert button to call you or local emergency services.


  • Optional 3G SIM for calls / texts / notifications / SOS alertParental controlsStep counter with on-demand GPSBattery life: Up to 24 hoursCompatible with iOS / Android

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