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In days past, Flandrien riders would pull sock-like booties over their race shoes to fend off the elements when racing. This modern take follows those classic predecessors, with a super-stretchy knitted fabric that gives a snug, aero-ready fit over your cycling shoes. However, with their waterproof and breathable membrane, weather protection is taken to the next level. Light rain, puddles, road spray are all repelled, keeping your feet comfortable.  To the underside, cleat and heel cut-outs ensure you're ready to roll without fuss. And reinforcement along the hems maintains durability. At the upper cuff, the soft and stretchy fit keeps the fit snug against your legs. Whether racing or training, the Flandrien overshoes preserve a true Classics style, but with comfort and performance-tuned for all-weather comfort.  GripGrab Pro Tip: To help reduce water seeping in through the top of this shoe cover GribpGrab recommend you wear your water-resistant leg warmers or cycling bib tights over the top of the shoe cover cuff. It's also recommended you seal vents and holes in the soles of your shoes to limit water ingress from below. Following these tips will ensure you get the best performance from this product.


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