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price updated: 22/07/2021

Crankarms forged and then machined from tough 7050 alloy – with new web bracing that improves stiffness while cutting out unnecessary material. Imagine interchangeable spiders, limitless ring combinations, a 30mm alloy spindle, and full compatibility across all relevant frame standards; all delivered with RF proven strength. Quite possibly the most versatile crankset you will ever own!


  • 165mm 68/73mm 165mm Blue
  • 165mm 68/73mm 165mm Red
  • 175mm 68/73mm 175mm Blue
  • 175mm 68/73mm 175mm Green
  • 165mm 83mm 165mm Black
  • 170mm 83mm 170mm Red
  • 165mm 68/73mm 165mm Green
  • 170mm 68/73mm 170mm Blue
  • 170mm 68/73mm 170mm Red
  • 175mm 68/73mm 175mm Black
  • 165mm 83mm 165mm Blue
  • 165mm 68/73mm 165mm Black
  • 170mm 68/73mm 170mm Black
  • 170mm 68/73mm 170mm Green
  • 175mm 68/73mm 175mm Red
  • 170mm 83mm 170mm Black
  • 170mm 83mm 170mm Blue

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