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Paris Cycles started in early 1940s by Harry Rensch, a close friend and neighbour of Monty Young. The lightweight thoroughbred red frames soon became sought after pieces, famous for their continental flair. Condor Cycles recreated what was formerly known as the Tour de France frame, using the original bilamination design. The result is the latest incarnation of Paris by Condor is a handmade lightweight, fillet brazed steel tubing with manganese and vanadium. Laser cut bilaminations and a frame livery with a twist on a retro style icon crafted using modern technology. Bi-lamination designA bi-lamination requires more precision in the manufacturing process than cutting a lug. First, on a flat sheet of steel, a design is cut. It is then manipulated by hand to join both ends together, creating the look of a lug with a join that is lighter. Tubing must be cut and mitred exactly to the curve of the bi-lam before being fitted together. The fit must be perfect otherwise the process must begin again. Fillet brazedA laborious technique of joining tubes that produces a smooth finish with almost no weld visible. Brass is built up around two tubes. The frame is then cooled and cleaned using water and a wire brush. Finally the brass is filed down by hand to achieve a flat finish. Solid top eyesWhere the seat stays meet the top tube, the material is solid metal, which is then brazed to the tubes of the stays. The design creates a stronger join, key for small diameter tubes as used on the Paris. The finish is true to the original 1920s Paris frame design.



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