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Truly timeless and an instantly recognisable classic, the Galibier packs charisma and a tenacious ride quality. Like its namesake mountain, the Col du Galibier, the Galiber bicycle is steeped in folklore. Introduced by Harry Rensch in 1947, the unique frame design caused a stir amongst post-war racing cyclists. It screamed continental flair and packed a punch with a shape created to eliminate whip, making acceleration and handling better. Our modern Galibier is a perfect reconstruction of one of the most iconic British framesets. The quality of the tubing improves upon Rensch's original selection, but the quirky design remains. Constructed from triple-butted, heat treated steel, the specialist tubes are made exclusively by Columbus for Condor. The high grade steel tubeset is accompanied by dropouts and fork crown that are stronger and lighter than the 1940s version, whilst the bi-laminations are now laser cut for precision detail. A flat sheet of metal is cut by laser into the iconic Paris pattern. The metal is then formed by our craftsmen to sit exactly onto the tube and is fillet brazed into place. A bi-lam is stronger than a lug, as well as lighter. All of our triple-butted steel tubes are heat treated. Heat treated metal raises the yield strength for the entire tube, increasing dent and impact resistance. This enables the tube to be made with less material, creating a lighter frame. The elegant fork with scalloped detailing and traditional curved design. Made from high quality steel with stamp Condor logo in the dropouts.



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